Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel/change you reservation you have 14 days prior to your check in date, after 14 days there are NO refunds. It will go on a raincheck/credit that is good for 1 year. If flooding is an issue and the river is not floatable, there is no refunds and your reservation would go on a raincheck/credit that is good for 1 year.

Rain Check/Weather Policy: Inclement weather for activities is up to the discretion of NRO management. If it is raining on the day of your float, we will issue a rain check if you would like. Your rain check is good for 1 year. 

Cabins Check-in is 6pm   Check-out is 11am, no tent camping at cabins and our pet fee is 25.00 per pet. 

RV Check-in is 3pm    Check-out is 11am

Pavilion check-out is 11am

Camping Check-out is 11am. Campground A is our Party camping on weekends and is not family friendly. Please ask where our Family camping is located.

Campground/Lodging/RV Rules and Regulations

  1.  NRO Rule # 1: NO Base. All music must be kept at a moderate volume level and must be turned off from 12 midnight to 6am
  2. Quiet time is from 12 midnight to 6am and all vehicles must be parked and remained parked after 12 midnight
  3. Speed limit 5 mph in campground
  4. No ATVs, or Dirt bikes. No firearms!! NO fireworks!!
  5. No glass bottles, beer bongs, no kegs or containers containing more than 4 gals of alcohol
  6. No littering- dumpsters and trash bags are available. Please no cans or bottles in firepits
  7. Do not cut or damage trees
  8. Pets must always be kept on a leash while in the campground and are the responsibility of the owner. NO aggressive dogs
  9. Due to the Ash Borer Beetle we do not allow firewood to be brought into our campground. We sell firewood at both NRO stores

Quiet Hours Policy: Please be respectful of neighboring campers. Normal noise level is to be maintained at all hours. Security will enforce quiet hours when necessary. Guest that are repeatedly asked to adhere to the quit hours policy will be escorted off NRO property. If a fellow camper next to you is being disruptive or inappropriate at any time, please report this to our Security. 

In season office hours are: 8am to 9pm Sunday thru Thursday

NRO Security and Dallas County Deputies patrol the campground on Friday and Saturday. NRO office/store is open 24 hours on Friday and until 2am on Saturday.

Missouri State Law requires 1. Every person to have a lifejacket, adults do not have to wear them, but they do have to be accessible. Children 7 and under always must wear a lifejacket even when wading in the water (to ensure proper fit, we recommend bringing your own child’s lifejacket) 2. Do Not tie canoes, rafts, kayaks, or tubes together. 3. Do not take Styrofoam coolers or any type of glass on the river.  

You must be off the water before 7pm. If you are after 7pm you are subject to a second day rental charge